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American Publishers is committed to protecting the online privacy of the users of our website who participate in fundraising activities and purchase magazines through our fundraising programs. While we do require certain information to be provided to us in order to participate in fundraisers and make purchases, American Publishers uses that information only provide the service requested. We do not share that information with other parties except as necessary to fulfill the specific request, and we will never use that information for marketing purposes. If you are a student or a member of a fundraising organization, we encourage you to tell your parents about your activity, including your use of this website. If you are the parent of a minor participating in our fundraising programs through your child’s school or other fundraising organization, we encourage you to check and monitor the use of your child’s e-mail and other online activities and we urge students to ask their parent's or guardian's permission before giving personal information to any Web site.

Why We Collect Information

At American Publishers we have created a secure website that allows students and other fundraisers to sell magazines to support their school or organization easily. This website enables the fundraiser to easily notify potential buyers of their fundraising efforts. This website also enables purchasers who have been referred by the fundraiser to buy the magazines they select and the purchases of those buyers will be credited to the fundraiser so that the appropriate school or other organization receives credit for that purchase. In order to provide these services we require some personal information from our users, depending on whether they are fundraisers or purchasers.

How We Collect and Use Information from Students and Other Fundraisers

We ask for required and optional information when you join American as a student or member of an organization who is participating in a fundraiser for their school organization.

Required Information

   • Parents First & Last Name
   • Parent’s Birth date
   • First & Last Name
   • Email Address
   • Teacher’s Last Name
   • Grade
   • Assigned School or Fundraising Organization Code

Optional Information

American Publishers has many features that let users send electronic greetings and messages to your friends and family to notify them about your fundraising endeavors and to make sure that any purchases they make are credited to your organization. If you want to use those features, you will be asked to provide us with the e-mail address and name of the recipient in order to send your message in a personalized matter to the people you have designated. You do not have to give us that information; however, if you do not, you will not be able to use these simple and convenient features to notify friends and family of your activities.

If you don’t want to use our online features to notify friends and family about your fundraiser, you can still encourage them to make purchases that will benefit your organization. Simply tell them to go to our website and ask them to enter the online code that was provided to you by your school or organization.

How we Collect and Use Information from Purchasers

If you are visiting our site to make a purchase, we require certain information in order to fulfill your purchase and to make sure it is credited to the appropriate fundraising organization. This information provided below is used solely to process and deliver any magazine subscriptions ordered to support fundraising efforts via this site. This information will be used by American Publishers only and will not be sold to any third parties to be used for any outside marketing initiatives.

Required Information

   • First & Last Name
   • Email Address
   • Phone Number
   • Address
   • Credit Card number, expiration date and security code

We may use your name to customize our site and services.

Internet Cookies

Cookies are small data files; your browser may place a cookie on your computer when you visit a Web site to mark that you've been to that location. American Publishers views only the cookies that are set by our site, and they do not provide us with any personal information. These cookies help us collect aggregate data about the number of visitors to our site, how long the visitors stay, and which Web site features and activities are used the most often. Cookies also help us determine general information about the types of computers, browsers, and operating systems that are used to view our site. That way, we can make sure the technology we use successfully allows users to view our features. You may choose to set up your browser to refuse cookies or to alert you when cookies are sent. But if you don't have an American Publishers cookie, it may limit our ability to customize and improve our features.

Service Providers

We may use third party service providers to help us run the activities on this site. For example we may use third party services to help us deploy email or to process credit card payments. Those third party providers are not authorized to use the information they obtain for any purpose other than to fulfill the function which we have asked them to provide.

No Third Party Advertising

We honor your privacy. Addresses and information provided will not be used for purposes unrelated to the school/organization you are supporting. We will not sell or share your information with other companies. We do not authorize any company to advertise on this site.

Links to Other Sites

We do not link to outside companies or third party sites. All links contained within this website are pointing to other American Publishers owned web properties.

How We Protect Personal Information

In an effort to prevent unauthorized access, to maintain data accuracy, and to ensure the correct use of collected information, American Publishers has established appropriate electronic, physical, and managerial procedures secure the information we collect online.

You Have a Choice: To Change Your Information or to Cancel Your Account

Users of this site may modify, review, or delete account information at anytime. To do so, you must send us a message at . Please remember that you must use the e-mail address you provided during registration so we can verify who you are.

If you have any questions about our information practices and privacy policy, you may contact us by the following ways:

Phone: 1-800-284-9711
Mail:      American Publishers LLC
              2401 Sawmill Parkway, Ste 10
              Huron, OH 44839

This privacy policy was last updated on May 20, 2011.